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NEXUS Interview Guide (Unofficial)

How to get a NEXUS interview at Hidalgo Enrollment Center—even when there are no appointments available.

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Booking a NEXUS interview at Calais Enrollment Center

1. Submit your NEXUS application online

You can apply . You'll need to pay the application fee and fill out all the information about your background.

2. Wait for conditional approval

Getting conditional approval for your NEXUS can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few months depending on your specific circumstances and the current backlog of applications.

Check back on your application often. The DHS may also notify you by email once your application is approved, if you gave them permission to contact you.

3. Schedule your interview (even with "no appointments available for this location")

Now, the hardest part–scheduling your NEXUS interview.

Enrollment centers across the country are struggling to keep up with the backlog of NEXUS applicants. It's common to run into one of two scenarios:

The soonest appointment is months or years away

The soonest appointment is months or years away

"No appointments available for this location" message

"No appointments available for this location" message

The secret: in both cases, new appointments (usually 1-60 days out) will become available every single day when other applicants cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Tip: The confusing "No appointments available for this location" message just means that all the interview appointments are currently booked. It does not mean the center is closed or not conducting interviews.

Finding a sooner NEXUS interview appointment

Tons of last minute interview appointments become available at nearly every enrollment center, every single day. The catch? These new interview appointments get taken fast. They'll often be snatched up within minutes after they appear, so you need to be very quick!

One option is to try your luck at refreshing the scheduler page periodically thoughout the day and check if any new appointments appear. Don't want to sit at your computer, refreshing all day? A better strategy is to use TTPTracker (Global Entry Appointment Scanner) to get instant alerts when interview appointments open up:

Using TTPTracker to find and get alerts for NEXUSinterview appointments

The most reliable way to book a NEXUS interview when you can't find on on your own is to sign up for automatic interview alerts . Luckily for you, TTPTracker is the most powerful tool on the market that monitors 24/7 for interview appointments at your preferrred enrollment centers and alert you when appointments open up. When you get an alert, log into your NEXUSaccount and try to schedule the appointment as fast as you can, just like you normally would.

TTPTracker currently works for all of the NEXUS enrollment centers, even when they say "no appointments available for this location."

Tip: You can also customize your appointment date preferences in the settings on the TTPTracker scheduling page, so that you're only alerted about appointments that fit your schedule.

TTPTracker has already helped thousands of people book their interview appointments and save months or years of waiting.

TTPTracker is not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agencies or programs. It's a privately-owned service that helps users find interview appointments.

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